Sunday, October 03, 2004

THE MAPS run out

In the last few days i've learned a lot . not only about myself and how i work but how i work with others. this is my first documentary and before i even say that like i've made other film projects please KNOW THAT I HAVENT. I have produced fashion shoots and i have account managed SHOOTS FOR AD AGENCIES but never anything on this SCALE with me so much in the DRIVING seat. Its that moment when im starting to UNDERSTAND I CAN DO ANYTHING AS long as i am prepared to put the effort in and make the phone calls. AMAZING things happen when i ASK FOR HELP or when i ask for anything.

Lisa and i spent a couple of days at mine EDITING THE FILM INTO LITTLE SOUPCONS AND IT was whilst we were doing this i realised we needed a BONA FIDE EDITOR. someone who wasnt as close to this as we were. I'M putting OUT an email onto SHOOTINGPEOPLE.COM something for the UK film industry that i joined last year. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED for me. right now ive run out of map. This is all new terrain FOR ME. SOMETHING I RELISH AND have sleepless nights about simultaneously.


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