Monday, November 01, 2004


its been a while since the last blog, nearly a month. AND WHAT A MONTH. memories are short in fashion. I called MICHAEL @ BLOW the other day and he didnt know who i WAS. EGO was punctured, which is always A GOOD THING. After a week of running around TOWN interviewing SHOOTING people EDITORS I finally settled on a TEAM of TWO. ASKED the graphic DESIGNERS BY BOTH to come on board for the CREDITS and as far as i could tell i was ALL SET. A POWER greater than me had other ideas and within days BOTH EDITORS were working on PAID jobs that PROMISED to TAKE UP 100% TIME. FELT BLUE for a while but THEN wondered off to SEE THE NEW JIM JARMUSCH coffee and cigarettes offering on a SUNDAY morning. CAME OUT of the MOVIE FEELING INJECTED WITH LIFE called my boyfriend and couldnt wait to get to tell him everything. looking for a new team..ALWAYS HOPEFUL..nothing happens by mistake.